Fishing Trips

Half Day Trip

  • 1-2 People (4 hour trip) $475
  • 1-3 People $600
  • 4th Person and additional $100
  • 5-6 hour Fishing Trip

FULL Day Trip

  • 1-3 People $800
  • 4th Person and additional $100
  • 8 hour Fishing Trip

Near Shore Trip

  • 1-4 People $950
  • 4th Person and additional $100
  • 6-8 hour Fishing Trip

Shark Trip

  • Shark, bull reds, king fish and jack fish
  • 1-4 People $950
  • Seasonal Trip
  • 6-7 hour Fishing Trip

Shark Trips

One of the specialties of Galveston Fishing Charters is shark fishing. During the summer months, sharks such as Blacktip, Bull Shark, and Spinner, can be found nearshore of Galveston Bay. Galveston Fishing Charter provides larger reels and rods to hook the sharks, which can be heavy, ranging from 50 to 500 pounds. While shark fishing may seem like a hobby for the experienced angler, it is also entertainment for the family.

One of the most exciting sharks, the Spinner, jumps and spins in the air when hooked, which impresses anglers of all ages. Kids enjoy the challenge of catching a shark, seeing a shark up close, and feeling safe while experiencing something exciting. After catching the sharks, the family of anglers can be stewards of the sea by releasing the sharks into the ocean in order to maintain the shark population, which has been overfished by commercial fishermen.

Rather than visiting an aquarium and seeing a shark through glass, families can search for sharks on the open ocean, hold the shark and feel its strength, and value the shark’s natural beauty and habitat– a more intimate experience with Galveston wildlife.

Inshore Trips is a locally owned and operated fishing charter company that fishes all parts of the Galveston Bay system. As a full time guide and resident of the area, I have the opportunity to spend numerous days on the water. This gives me the ability to establish fishing patterns, based on tidal movement, weather and wind conditions. My fishing adventures have taken me to many places around the world. I have fished in Guatemala, Belize, Florida, and Costa Rica.

My experiences have taught me many valuable lessons and I would love to share those with you!  We usually will be fishing with either live bait or lures for redfish, black drum, speckled trout, and flounder. We use conventional tackle, and offer wade fishing.  Let us know what works best for you and we can do it.
Multi boat trips are also available.

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